Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics.
— Victor Pinchuk, philanthropist

Whether you are an attorney, an artist, or just a lover of the arts, there are opportunities for you to get involved and to contribute your time and talents to making a difference and helping artists thrive. 

Our services help films get made, books published, and artwork sold. Just in the last 2 years, WLA has served over 250 artists through our legal clinics alone. We couldn't do it without you.



WLA relies on volunteer attorneys in order to continue offering our services. As an attorney looking to serve the arts community, you can get involved in each of the following services by completing the Volunteer Attorney Form or, if you have questions about volunteering with WLA, you can Contact Us.

  • Clinics - Clinic volunteers advise clients on various legal issues. Attorneys interested in this should generally have at least 3 years of experience practicing IP law, although specialists in other areas (such as landlord-tenant or corporate issues) also should feel free to volunteer in case clients seek advice in those areas. Please note, WLA carries malpractice insurance that covers our clinic volunteers.

  • Workshops - WLA offers Arts Legal Workshops for artists and attorneys. Each Workshop features a legal expert providing an in-depth look at a legal issue relevant to artists and arts organizations.

    Workshops are held in various locations. Attendance fees are minimal and discounts are provided to WLA members. Attorneys conducting or attending Workshops receive Continuing Legal Education credit.

  • Referrals - WLA offers attorney referrals for artists and arts organizations seeking legal advice beyond a 30-meeting appointment at one of our legal clinics. Fee arrangements are left to each client and attorney, and might range from free services to reduced fees to full-fee representation depending on the financial resources of the artist or organization and the attorney’s wishes.

  • Speakers Bureau - WLA arranges for volunteer attorneys to meet with organizations and educational institutions interested in a presentation specific to their legal needs.



If you are not an attorney, don't fret. You can still get involved as a volunteer with WLA. WLA is always looking for individuals to assist with coordinating the clinics, workshops, and other events. 

If you are an artist who has benefited from WLA's services and would like to provide a testimonial, please contact us.