Our Mission

Washington Lawyers for the Arts supports the work of artists and arts organizations, whose efforts enrich the quality of life in Washington State. Our mission is to establish a bridge between the arts and legal communities and provide resources to enable artists and arts organizations to better manage their legal issues. WLA is committed to offering legal services, including legal advice and legal education, to support Washington’s arts community.

What we do

Support creatives

WLA serves the communities surrounding the performing, literary, media, visual, and interdisciplinary arts. In most cases, artists and arts organizations seek our services due to budget constraints, yet many of our programs are available for individuals of all income levels. In just the last two years, WLA has served over 250 artists through our legal clinics alone. 

Educate, inform, and advise

Through various services, WLA provides valuable legal resources, including:

  • Legal Clinics - offering 30-minute consultations with attorneys

  • Legal Workshops - presenting in-depth looks at issues relevant to artists

  • Legal Referrals - for artists and arts organizations seeking legal advice beyond clinic appointments (link)

  • Speakers’ Bureau - pairs volunteer attorneys with organizations and educational institutions to offer presentations specific to their legal needs

get involved

Attorneys specializing in intellectual property, tax, corporate, and arts and entertainment law donate their time and expertise to artists and arts organizations through WLA’s services.

Find out more about volunteer opportunities here


My visit to the WLA legal clinic was very helpful. In a short amount of time I was able to get clear and detailed answers to my legal questions. Thanks WLA!
— Vaughn B
I got so much out of my clinic! I’m a songwriter and producer, and I needed legal guidance on things like sampling, copyrighting my own work, and making sure I wasn’t doing anything that might get me into trouble down the road. The volunteer attorneys I got to speak with were so knowledgeable in the specific areas I was inquiring about. They answered all of my questions, gave me some great resource recommendations, and pointed me in the right direction for locating legal help for any future copyright and entertainment law matters. I also appreciated how friendly and encouraging they were.

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up, but I was thoroughly impressed. I am very grateful to WLA and their volunteers for doing this good thing for the world. I saved a lot of money and got spot-on advice from people who actually understood and cared about art. I left that meeting with a big smile on my face, and my musician friends in other states couldn’t believe that something like WLA even exists. I’m so glad I found this when I was searching for music copyright lawyers in Seattle!!
— Aaron S.
I work at Cypher Cafe at Washington Hall in the Central District that provides much needed space to POC artists and social organizations. WLA gave us legal advice for completing an updated contract for our customer events.The 4 volunteer lawyers were prepared with thorough and thoughtful questions and answers, following up with additional information even after the meeting! I would recommend their services to anyone needing legal help. Was a pleasant and helpful experience.
— Piaf L