WLA Services

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Legal Clinics

WLA offers 30 minute appointments at our legal clinics, where artists and arts professionals can meet with attorneys to discuss their legal issues.



WLA offers Arts Legal Workshops for artists and attorneys. Each Workshop features a legal expert providing an in-depth look at a legal issue relevant to artists and arts organizations.

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Legal Referrals

WLA offers attorney referrals for artists and arts organizations seeking legal advice beyond a 30-meeting appointment at one of our legal clinics. 

Arts Organizations



WLA partners with arts-centered spaces to host intimate events that bring artists, lawyers, and arts organizations together. In addition to promoting the space and connecting members of the arts community, Frolics are also intended to introduce others to WLA's services.


Speakers' Bureau

By request, our Speakers' Bureau program pairs volunteer attorneys with organizations and educational institutions to offer presentations specific to their legal needs. 

If you are interested in hosting a frolic, or are in need of a speaker for an arts-related presentation, please contact us.