WLA Legal Advice Week (LAW)

A special, state-wide legal telephone clinic

OCT. 21-25

WLA is pleased to announce WLA Legal Advice Week (“WLA LAW”), a special week-long pro bono telephone clinic where artists and arts professionals statewide can get 30 minutes of free advice related to their legal issues.

WLA LAW will be held during the week of October 21-25 and is open to artists and arts organizations throughout Washington State. Legal issues must relate to an artistic discipline but can cover a wide range of areas such as copyright, trademark, publicity rights, licensing, fair use, business formation, and contract review. Issues involving patent law, employment law, family law, criminal law and tax law are not appropriate for WLA LAW. Availability may be limited based on the type of legal issue and expertise of the participating attorneys. Please contact WLA for more information.

How can I participate in WLA LAW?

Artists and Arts Organizations — To sign up for a 30-minute phone appointment with an experienced attorney, please complete the intake form at the link below. WLA will get back to you shortly to gather more information and connect you with an attorney with whom you will arrange a 30-minute phone appointment on a mutually agreed day and time between Oct. 21-25.

Click here to complete the artist request form

Attorneys — If you are an attorney interested in volunteering to advise an artist or arts organization during WLA LAW, please complete the attorney form at the link below. WLA will get back to you shortly.

click here to complete the volunteer attorney form